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 Karella1022 - OE

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Render by Karella1022

Fertiger Credit zum Downloaden:

bei allem anderen Matrial:

Erlaubnis / Permission:

For All of my Shares:

Personal Use Only
Non Profit Use Only
You MAY pass as individual tubes in groups as long
as the correct credits are included with the tube.

For Posers:

Credit as

Render by Karella1022

You may use for your graphic creations, but do NOT claim as your own - Do not include in kits.

For Scraps:

No Credit necessary...

For Photos or other Artwork:

Credit as


IF you would like to use my photo as a background when
you are using another artists work as the focal point.
You may do so, but please put Photo by Karella1022.

You can find some of my photos at:

Please feel free to share your creations with me,
I would love to see them! Send to

I might post them in my blog if you do!



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Karella1022 - OE
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