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 Romi Poser - OE

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BeitragThema: Romi Poser - OE   Sa 30 Jan 2016 - 4:02


Render by Romi Poser aka R11

Fertiger Credit zum Downloaden:

Erlaubnis / Permission:

These tubes are only available in PNG format.
For Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro ( All Freebies)

This is free stuff for personal use only and not for commercial purpose!
You are allowed to use my tubes in your groups (with the original download link only), but you cannot present these as tubes as they were your own or use them in any commercial way.
As you can see in the ‘read me – text file’ my poser tubes can be applied for private use only and not for any commercial purpose

For Tubes or Scrappy Wishes send me a Comment or Mail to

All my creations are tubes, not Poser stuff. Poser stuff can be found at Renderosity or Daz3D.
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Romi Poser - OE
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