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 Laurie's Scraps - OE

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Laurie's Scraps

Fertiger Credit zum Downloaden:

Erlaubnis / Permission:

My Poser TOU
Labels: Terms of use Posers
Thought I'd post my terms of use for my posers for you since I've had some
Questions about them:

First and Foremost my posers are for pu only Please!Smile

They are created by me and I do require credit
when making tags with my  posers.

Please don't take apart my posers to make dolls  !!!
This includes heads body's and clothes.
They are to be used AS IS for your personal use.
Please don't claim my creations as your own!!
Posers take a lot of time to create and each one is unique
to the creator.
Thank you for reading my terms of use and following them.

you can credit them with ©️Laurie R or

*****  *****  *****

My Terms of use for PU CU items
Labels: PUterms, Terms of use kits and CU
Please Read my terms of use before you download any of my kits or use tutorials.Thank You!Smile Thanks for downloading another  ©️Laurie made me scraps

 All ©️Laurie made me scraps and products are for personal,

non-profit use only!
You may not claim them as your own or redistribute them.
You may not use any piece whole or in part to create a new

product, such as:  Templates, Overlays, Kits,Masks, Freebies,

Elements, etc….
You may not upload these to ANY site for ANY reason.  You may,

however, provide a link to the ©️Laurie made me scraps –
You may, make stats and bloglayouts but you must have a link

back to my blog.A working link please!!! .

Tut writers please do not include any piece of these or any

other ©️Laurie made me scraps product as part of your

“supplies”.  Please provide a link to my blog instead.  I’d

love to see what you do with my products so please don’t

hesitate to send me your end product so I can post it!

Stop digital piracy!Thanks! Any doubt, e-mail
By downloading my scraps you are agreeing to my terms of

use!!!These kits are ©️ by Laurie Rankins 2008 -2011
    I hope you have as much fun using these products as I did

making them!

*****  *****  *****

My CU terms of use

Kit by Laurie
©️Laurie made me scraps 2011
Laurie made me Scraps T.O.U for CU goods
All of my Commercial use items fall under the same T.O.U.
This also concerns freebie items you may have downloaded from my blog.
You MAY NOT claim as your own any of my creations.
You MAY NOT share ANY of my creations with ANYONE, this includes friends, groups etc.
Please direct to my blog, thank
You MAY NOT use any of my Commercial use items to create your own commerical use items.
You MAY NOT sell any of my creations as they are at the time of download, they must be
altered in some way.
You MAY create kits for sale using my CU items, as long as they have been altered. As
stated above, they must not be sold as they are.
You MAY alter the items to suit your needs.
You MAY include my items in any freebie kits you make, again, the items must be altered.
You may Not make any changes to scripts and claim them as your
own or share them.Send them to my blog to download them
I reserve the right to amend these terms of use at any time.
You may Not make scripts or actions out of my templates.
You may Not sell my templates for CU 4 CU meaning if you make elements for your kits for sale they have to be for personal use only

Please remember to credit me when using my creations, thank you.
©️ Laurie made me scraps  2011
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Laurie's Scraps - OE
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