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 Brutal Designs- OE

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© Brutal Designs

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©️Brutal Designs :all rights reserved:Seeing as how I do not write tuts please do not recreate my tags, if you would like a tag you see on my blog then just ask Smile I am not mean I will make ya one Smile
My templates are for personal use only, do not use them for any financial gain. You may use them in tutorials, but please direct people here to my blog to download the template, do not upload to your own file sharing site.
You are welcome to use my templates in group challenges etc, but please once again direct people here to download:)
I love seeing things made with my templates,word art etc, so send em my way and I will post them to my blog Smile
Any questions , feel free to ask Smile
Also any item I have made that is similar to another's is purely coincidental , everything I have made here has been made from my own noggin Smile
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Brutal Designs- OE
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